Banana Runtz



Buy Banana Runtz is a hybrid strain (50% sativa /50% indica) .grown from a cross between the exemplary Zkittlez X Gelato strains. Looking for a lovely sweet flavor? You have it with this exotic Runtz Strain. This Runtz Strain has a sweet taste with traces of ready banana and a bit of dark pepper also. The smell is similarly as delightful, how ever somewhat heavier, with a sharp and zesty hint complemented by new fruity banana and acrid sweets. Buy Runtz Online at Cookiescoonected .

Banana Runtz is a hyped hybrid strain from a collaboration between the Cookies fam and Runtz crew .It is amongst one of the most popular Cookies Strains . This exotic strain has buds which smell like a bowl of candy. Also these buds have colors ranging from rich yellow to dark green .Buy Runtz online .

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